Zero Dark Thirty Outfitters


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Zero Dark Thirty Outfitters is a Veteran/family owned and ran business in the big woods and waters of North East Wisconsin.

Our team does WHATEVER we can to give you an enjoyable outdoor experience whether we are fishing, hunting, riding the ATV trails, or how about just relaxing by the fire at our camp, Veterans Haven up in God’s country in Amberg Wisconsin!!!!

Our team will do all we can to get you the MEMORIES you will have FOREVER!!

That’s what it’s about…….MEMORIES, they last FOREVER!!

Our specialty is being able to cater to the youth, our veterans and Heroes, first timers who want to try something new, or if anyone has a disability.

We will do all we can to make some MEMORIES!!!!

Remember this……….

“It’s not always about reaching the destination………….

It’s the JOURNEY there with family and friends that you will remember FOREVER!!

That’s our moto!!

Thanks……….be safe, shoot straight, and God Bless!!


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