PHYXTV Partner Program


The PHYXTV Partner Program provides content creators a place to show off their creative

talents and earn money. When you become a PHYXTV Partner, you earn money through

subscriptions to the PHYXTV platform by getting your fans to sign up on a unique landing page.

Payments are issued via PayPal at the beginning of each month. Payouts are calculated by the

net earnings per active subscription every month as a 70/30 split with 70% of each net

subscription going to the PHYXTV Content Partner! PHYXTV Partners are eligible to start earning

money from day one!

PHYXTV Partner Program Details

PHYXTV Partners will submit their content via Dropbox. All content submissions and assets will be uploaded to the PHYXTV platform by PHYXTV.

PHYXTV will provide every partner with a custom landing page for subscription conversions and marketing.

PHYXTV reserves the right to cancel and/or remove any content from its platform if we feel is offensive or not up to PHYXTV standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content is appropriate for PHYXTV?

Here at PHYXTV we encourage creativity and all genres of content. What we do not

condone and will not publish to the platform is pornographic materials and content that

promotes violence and hate. PHYXTV reserves the rights to the final say of all content on our


How do I get paid?

With PHYXTV you can start earning from day 1! Payouts will be at the beginning of

every month and calculated by the number of active subscribers signed up via your landing

page. If a subscriber cancels or requests a subscription cancelation before the beginning of the

month, that subscription will not count toward your payout. Payouts are based on the net

earnings of each subscription (plan price minus fees). Partners must have a valid PayPal


How much content can I submit and have published on PHYXTV?

PHYXTV will publish what we feel is an appropriate and generous amount of content

on our platform for each of our partners. However, we cannot have unlimited content stored

on our site, so we may have to unpublish and delete pieces of content from time to time. If you

would like to inquire about publishing additional content, contact us

at to discuss alternative options!

How is content organized and displayed?

Content will get organized by the PHYXTV team as we see appropriate. PHYXTV creates

author profiles for every partner to provide an easy way for your fans to find all your content to


Have more questions, or want to become a PHYXTV Partner?