Dr. Jake Jacobs is the host of the Jake Jacobs Show and the author of Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy Our Republic under God, Mother Should I Trust the Government: The Making and Keeping of our American Republic and his latest work MOB RULE: Unmasking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorsteps.

Jake has degrees in American History and Biblical-Judeo-Christian Studies from Arizona State University, Ashland Theological Seminary and North-West University.

Dr. Jacobs has spent more than 34 years at the public and private high school system, and at the college level teaching his passion for our Constitutional Republic under God, all the while stressing historical correctness, in the face of politically correct intimidation by the academic establishment and woke hipsters

When Dr. Jacobs was a public High School teacher he publicly defended Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Fox & Friends. Jake is a frequently requested speaker for Young America’s Foundation.

Jake is a regular guest on Conservative Radio and very popular at civic and church events. He is a dynamic and energized speaker, writer, and historian who will not only get your audience’s attention, but move them to action!

When he’s not writing, teaching or speaking he enjoys his fire-pit at night, watching the Heavens declare God’s Glory.


In this fast-pace world there is only one place to get reliable content to keep you in the know and that's the Jake Jacobs Show! The truth hurts, but Jake doesn't care and that is why Jake provides today's hard-hitting news topics delivered through a historical lens!

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