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Hello! My name is Daryl and I am the older and wiser half of the duo. I was born and raised in Central Wisconsin, I began my love for the outdoors after deer hunting with my Dad around 9 years old. I got into more types of hunting at age 16, including duck, pheasant, squirrel, and other small game. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Whether with friends and family or sitting in a stand surrounded by the peaceful serenity of nature alone.

After a stint in the military , I returned to begin a short career as a late model stock car driver. I’ve been a Charter boat captain in Jupiter Florida, I’ve been a hunting and ice fishing guide and trained and competed dogs. Fish and game have played a large part in my life.

I searched for another competitive hobby and started Bass Tournament fishing. I began with the BFL in 2004 where I was a co-angler for one season and became a boater the next. After several years of making new friends while gaining trust and valuable experience in the world of tournament fishing, I made the switch to  WISCO BASS SINGLE SERIES in 2019 and won the first invitational as well as placed consistently in the top 20. I’ve enjoyed learning about fish and how they think, and behave and how certain things affect them such as weather, seasons, patterns, and environment. I’ve often said that I’m not competing against the other anglers so much as the fish and even more so myself.

Hunter and I started this series to be able to share our knowledge of tips and tricks we’ve learned from others and our own experiences. We would like others to embrace the sporting life and to see just how awesome it is to GET OUTDOORS.


My name is Hunter Van Duyse, I am a lifelong resident of Green Bay Wisconsin and an avid outdoorsman. Aside from tournament fishing and chasing whitetail my drive to gout outdoors extends to sharing my experience and love for it to the next generation or people who never had the opportunity to as a kid.

My did is the reason I started tournament fishing and was one of the biggest influences for me to chase the dream of fishing for a living.

Meeting Daryl and the rest of the great fisherman I have the pleasure of traveling with is the reason Get Outdoors came to be. We would like share the love we all have and the experiences we have with all of you.


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